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I think you guys noticed that this blog is on a kind of hiatus and I think I owe you an explanation so here it is. My laptop is on a strike and it just won’t connect to the internet, it’s been a long time I’m surviving exclusively from my phone to keep my main blog alive with reblogs and queuing stuff but I can’t go after photos for this one. I’m thinking maybe I could reblog things here too? From myself and from others? I see no solution for my problem coming soon (I’ve searched everywhere) so I really don’t know when it will be fixed. (If there’s anyone there who knows TI and Windows 8 problems please show yourself? I’m willing to pay with my body -no I’m not, but with a big thank you-). So yeah, sorry. And thanks for understanding.

During Brazil vs Mexico on June 17th, amateur photographer Robson Leandro da Silva went out on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, to photograph what would usually be the city’s most crowded places.

Bangkok, Thailand | federico

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