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World Cup, dude, World Cup.

Ok so I know I said I was gonna do something special for the World Cup here but really, who was I kidding, I don’t even know what life away from the tv is like anymore, so you guys can consider yourselves in a vacation from this blog until this shit ends because I can’t function properly especially when those fuckers take the game to the penalties and barely qualify to the next round.

During Brazil vs Mexico on June 17th, amateur photographer Robson Leandro da Silva went out on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, to photograph what would usually be the city’s most crowded places.


As a Brazilian football lover you can imagine how excited I am about this. The biggest football event is taking place in my country: the biggest champion with 5 Cups. There’s yellow-and-green everywhere.

If your country is playing I hope you enjoy it, if you’re here to watch it I hope you feel welcome. We worked hard to get the place done for all of you, watching home or at the stadiums.

I need to do something here to celebrate it, so I’m gonna post photos of the countries as they win games, and of the cities as they host them. I wish you all have fun during this next month, even knowing we’re gonna win ;P

Perpignan, France |

Bangkok, Thailand | federico

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